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  • Once you get used to the format of the testing experience, (navigating the often tricky calculator, whiteboard, case study document scrolling combo) it is much easier to continue that momentum forward.

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Note: Roughly 10% of the flash card material overlaps between Practice Management, Project Management and C & E.  This is on purpose.

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Evaluating this document can show financial well being of the firm. Shows if invoices have all been paid within 60 days.

Aged Accounts Receivable.

Failing to use due care to avoid harming another person or damaging property. This is a definition of….


Resources of a business that are converted into cash within one year =

Current Assets.

What are the 4 different agreement types an Architect can use?

1) Oral agreement
2) Letter agreement
3) Formal written contracts
4) Standard AIA contracts

Informal written contracts should NOT be used.

An architect is expected to use the same degree of skill, judgement and knowledge that is normally used by other professionals in similar circumstances and communities. This is called….

Standard of Care.

AIA B101 requires the architect to maintain what insurance types?

– Professional liability insurance
– General liability
– Employers liability insurance
– Auto insurance
– Workers comp

For architects, what are the 3 ways that duty is established?

1) Legislative enactment (building codes and licensing laws)
2) Architect’s conduct (implied duties)
3) Terms of the contract

What are derivative works?

Buildings designed after the original building that are substantially similar.

Total assets of a firm less the total liabilities =

Net Worth

This document shows actual inflows and outflows of cash…..

Cash Flow Statement. (This one is easy, the name itself describes what it is).

What is the main disadvantage of Design-Bid-Build?

The design phase must be completely finished before the construction phase begins. Can be an issue for several reasons.

Does one failure on a project justify withholding an employee’s bonus?

No it does not.

This type of payment method is best for a project with a fixed budget and fixed timeline….

Lump Sum.

What does general liability insurance cover in general?

Covers office property and everyday business items. Would cover if a client slipped on ice at the backdoor to office.

Best time for an Architect to start minimizing risks w/ clients is _______

At the beginning! During marketing



If there is a nonconforming exception on the project, where does the Architect note this?

On the Certificate of Substantial completion.

This is the net fee determined by subtracting consultant fees from gross fee for project.

Net Service Revenue.

Who prepares the Responsibility Matrix?

The project manager prepares this and assigns tasks at both the macro and micro level.

Whenever Gen Conditions (A201) are at odds with state laws or procedures, Architect should amend paragraphs where?

In the Supplemental Conditions.

Mediation typically occurs after arbitration. True or False?

False. Mediation should always be tried first.

Property insurance coverage is _____if the owner occupies all or part of the project without the insurance company’s consent.


The GC must file certificate of insurance prior to beginning work. True or False?

True !

Utilization rate % is found by dividing what by what?

(Time spent on billable tasks) divided by (total amount of time worked)

Easy to remember and important to remember.

Budget prices are normally increased to reflect the anticipated price at the _________ of construction.

Midpoint of construction.

An architect should definitely avoid giving what type of advice to owner?

Financial advice.

If the code changes after building permit was submitted and approved, what must the Architect do?

Nothing. No changes are needed if the building permit has already been approved.

This is a permit issued by zoning for a proposed use that deviates from zoning district…..

Conditional use permit. (CUP)

This estimating method tends to produce higher fee estimates. All the effort and risk is considered…

Bottom up estimating method. More accurate than top down method.

What does the term “Time is of the Essence” refer to?

All work must be completed by the dates outlined in the contract or the GC would be in breach of the agreement.

Labor costs in rural areas tend to fluctuate more than in _____ areas.

Urban areas.



Master Specs are usually edited by adding information. True or False?

False. They are usually edited by eliminating information that does not apply, not by adding.

When the alternate will lead to a reduction in the bid it is called a ……

Deduct alternate.

A295 and B195 are AIA documents for which project delivery type?


Does the architect have the authority to reject work that does not conform to the contract documents? Or is that just the Owner’s role?

Architect has that authority.

A subcontractor is supposed to send submittals directly to the Architect first. True or False?

False! I hope you got this one! Subs and Architects do not communicate directly unless they are talking about how beautiful the weather is on site!

The final punch list is created and maintained by who?

By the Architect.

Set costs for certain portions of work based on an individual quantity are called…..

Unit prices

Does the CM as Adviser have the authority to reject work or require inspections?

Yes they do have the authority for both.

What does TAB stand for?

Testing, Adjusting and Balancing. Commonly performed on mechanical systems. Part of commissioning process.


If liens are not satisfied, the owner may not be able to transfer what?

The title. May not be able to transfer clear title of the property.

With a CM as Adviser project delivery, who prepares change orders and construction change directives?

The CM does. Not the Architect.

A _______ is a review of a completed project after the client has occupied it for awhile. 3-6 months usually. The Architect usually performs this as an additional service.

POE (Post occupancy evaluation). This can actually be useful for the Architect, allows them to improve evidence based design for the firm, and allows them to maintain contact with the Client.

Who pays for the performance bond?

The Owner.

The Architect must approve of a non-conforming exception. True or False?

False. The owner must approve. The Architect hopefully approves as well, but not always the case. It is the owners decision.

A change order is only for when there will be a resulting change in ____ or _____.

Cost or Time.



Where would an Architect look for info on street drainage in the city?

Public Works Department.

Detention ponds vs Retention ponds… which will retain some water over time? Hint in the names…..

Retention pond will retain some water. Detention will drain completely over time.

What are some important characteristics of rainwater?

– Slightly acidic
– Tends to corrode metal over time
– Often more harmful than groundwater to drink

Fog and cold air often settles in valleys and depressions. True or False?

True ! One reason why you don’t want to place a home right within a depression.


What are the two main factors for attaining effective acoustic barriers?

1. Physical barriers
2. Distance

What is the max slope for pedestrian walks?

10% max for pedestrian walks.

Undeveloped land that may contain existing vegetation/ecosystems is called?

Greenfield Site.

What organization pattern do suburban shopping malls typically use?

Axial Organization Pattern.

Know your Organization patterns!

8’ rise over 16’ run would be a _____ % slope.

50% slope. Helpful to be able to do this quickly in your head and saves time on test day.

If the site is 80,000 sq ft and the FAR = 2. Then what is the max amount of floor area that can be built?

160,000 sq ft. Should be able to do this without a calculator If you can. Will help you with time.

With studying contours remember that hills and _______ look the same on quick glance until you look at the numbers.

Hills and Depressions look the same until you look at the numbers.

What is ‘standoff distance’?

Space between a building and the potential location of a blast threat. The outermost perimeter basically.

Power lines above ground are more costly than underground. True or False?

False. They cost less.

Are public sidewalks part of means of egress?

No they are not.

Doubling the distance from the sound produces a sound level drop of ____ dB.

6 dB



Which is thicker? 14 gage steel or 20 gage steel?

14 gage steel is thicker.

Advantages of acoustic tile ceiling include….

– Light fixtures can be recessed easily.
– Almost all systems are modular
– Mechanical conduits may run above ceiling

What does a frost protected shallow foundation (FPSF system) mean?

It uses an exterior layer of plastic foam insulation to contain the heat that escapes the building interior to warm the soil beneath the foundation and keep it from freezing. Does not work for an unheated building like a barn.

Thresholds in existing buildings may be up to ¾” and in new buildings they may be up to ____ “ high.

½” high thresholds.

Egress stairs can have open risers. True or False?

False. They must be closed risers.

Passenger transit platforms without guards, such as train and subway platforms are required to have what kind of warning?

24” wide detectable warning at edge. Tactile signal with raised truncated domes.

Low e-glass is more for cold or warm climates?

It is more for cold climates, because it will trap some of the heat inside from the sun’s rays in the winter when it is cold outside.


What is the main thing a plumbing trap does?

Keeps sewer gases from entering the building.

Per ADA, accessible parking spaces must be within ______ ft of entry and must be adjacent to an access aisle.

Must be within 200 ft of building entry.


These types of buildings must have an elevator per ADA regardless of the number of floors or surface areas….

– Hospitals
– Airport terminals
– Shopping malls

A basement exterior wall often supports a portion of the weight of the building above. A basement floor slab does not. What is the joint between them called?

An isolation joint.


Shaft enclosures connecting 3 or fewer floors require what fire rating?

1 Hour Fire Rating

New urbanism advocates for wide streets and minimal intersections. True or False?

False. Advocates for narrow streets and frequent intersections.



Are sump pumps and Floor drains permitted at the base of an elevator shaft?

Yes they are permitted at base of elevator shaft. Recommended to use there.

Total settlement of a building should not exceed ________ “

-Should not exceed 1”

-Differential settlement should not exceed ½”

Can you remove and recompact loose fill soil?

Yes you can remove and recompact.

Hot weather + concrete… what can you add to it to help?

Retardant agent to slow process down

Can you substitute plastic for glass glazing?

Yes you often can, but plastic is not durable like glass is so not as good.

Cast iron for sanitary lines – one clear advantage is what?

Sound. Muffles sound well. Used often in non-residential buildings.

How many square feet are in a square yard?

9 sq ft in 1 sq yard.

So if you have answer in sq ft, divide by 9 to get square yards.

What affects the ability of a column to withstand a load? 3 main things…

  • – Moment of inertia
  • – Length
  • – Cross sectional shape and area

For most occupancies, maximum spacing between sprinkler heads is ____ ft.

15 ft max spacing. And 225 sq ft per sprinkler head coverage.

Biggest difference between a bulletin and an ASI according to ARE test material is what??

IF the design is not changing, then use an ASI.
IF the design is changing then use a Bulletin. Important to know difference.

Metal studs are usually ____ inches on center.

24” O.C

What direction does the ‘key’ extend on a cantilever wall?

Straight down into the soil.

Order these dwgs from front to back within the CD set …… Architectural/Structural/Elect/HVAC/Site

1) Site
2) Structural
3) Architectural
5) Electrical

What is the purpose of vestibules in high rise buildings ?

  1. They provide areas of refuge.
  2. Provide location for standpipe cxns and communication devices.