About Us

We created the ARE Study Warrior Platform – because we did not believe there were enough sufficient resources out there for Architectural Designers studying to take their ARE 5.0 exams. If sufficient resources are indeed out there, they are difficult to find or too expensive for emerging architects to afford.

A current degree in Architecture teaches students how to develop conceptual designs and present their design ideas, but it usually does not prepare you for the NCARB Exams for licensure and it often does not prepare you well for the nuts and bolts of your first 5 years working in the field of Architecture. The goal of our site, created by licensed Architects, is to create a safe database of study material and resources for less experienced Architects to draw from. 

In this age of transient living, we strongly believe in connecting with family and friends who make us stronger. Repair broken relationships and forgive no matter how hard taking that first step may be. If you believe they are good for you, in the end it is always worth checking your pride at the door.


For a profession that is constantly in front of a computer, this is fine, but we also strongly believe in taking breaks outside and connecting with nature, which we can draw renewed energy from. Go explore that mountain town you’ve been wanting to explore. Walk that beach you’ve driven by countless times, ride that wave, climb that peak.

Working under the right people and finding the right resources can truly maximize your potential as an architect. It’s important to remember that !!

Chicago building exterior along river. High rise buildings
Chicago building exterior. Beautiful architecture
Frank Lloyd Wright old home and studio where he drafted from time to time.