ARE 5.0 Warrior Study Tips

Coquering Ninja Study Tips

◦ In the end these are your exams to conquer, you are paying for them and you know yourself best. However, if you would like some additional Ninja Study Warrior tips that could potentially help you conquer your exams, then we have provided that for you. Just like going to the grocery store, you can pick and choose what tips make sense for you and which ones you would prefer to leave on the shelf.

TIP 1: It’s important to manage your time well on ALL 6 of these exams. You may find yourself using up the full time for each test, and that is fine as long as you have sufficient time to at least make an educated guess.
TIP 2:Make sure to make an educated guess on every single question, even if you have no idea. There is no reason to leave anything blank. It isn’t one of those tests where you lose points for guessing at an answer vs leaving it blank.

TIP 3: Do not spend time memorizing long equations. The ARE won’t test you on your memory of equations and will often provide full equations if they are truly necessary to answer the question.

    • That being said, you should still be familiar with equations and be able to recognize them quickly. If study material has an equation, knowing what common symbols like E, M or f stand for is important.

TIP 4: There are some simple calculations you should know like pythagoreans theorem, how to find the area and circumference of a circle, triangle and rectangle. You should know very simple equations like R = 1/U  and  U = 1/R. Also replace U with K on those same equations.

    • Every Architect should know their times tables by heart, especially multiples of 12 up to 12×15. Knowing these calculations quickly and by heart will help you avoid using the calculator, and using the calculator often will only slow you down. Moment = Force x distance. With slopes it is always rise/run, but you already knew that ;).

TIP 5: You are not able to use a second monitor for the exams, at least at the time of writing this. Everything needs to fit on your computer screen and that can be challenging for the Case Study portion at the end of each exam where
you often need to use a calculator, whiteboard, and scroll through drawings or documents all at the same time.

    • You will adapt your own method of on-screen organization. This on screen management is more important for the P&A, PDD and PPD section where you have to use the calculator and whiteboard more frequently.

TIP 6: The most time consuming portion of these exams is undoubtedly the two Case Study portions at the end of each exam.

    • 6a) Since it is the most time consuming and arguably the toughest questions, skip to that section of the exam first (before anything else) answer all questions to both case study sections first and then jump back to the very first multiple choice question.
    • 6c) Case Study questions can be tricky. They may seem very difficult but the answer may actually be obvious if you think it out and apply your study knowledge. For instance, you may think you have to look through all the documents to find the answer, when in reality the answer is actually already in your head.
    • 6d) With the Case Study portions, be sure to “CNTL/COMMAND F” certain things while searching documents and drawings. Everyone under 35 knows what CNTL/COMMAND F does, but if you haven’t used it much, practice using it. This will save you a tonnn of time ! When you do this, make sure to still read over what you find, because the ARE test writers know that you can CNTL F certain words. They may try to trick you by putting the incorrect answer at the first CNTRL F that you find. Just beware that the test writers know that many of you are using this command and they may take advantage of that.
TIP 7: Study material from multiple different sources because there is no one source that the ARE material pulls from.
TIP 8: Material from PPD and PDD tends to overlap, try to take those two exams within a few months of eachother

TIP 9: Material from Project Management, Practice Management, and Const. & Eval tends to overlap somewhat, try to take these three exams back to bacMaterial from Project Management, Practice Management, and Const. & Eval tends to overlap somewhat, try to take these three exams back to back. Know your different contracts !k. Know your different contracts !

TIP 10: Programming & Analysis exam is kind of on it’s own, mostly Site related material. Know your site contours and always look at the North arrow direction !
TIP 11: It isn’t always an easy process to take a break during the exam. If you take the test from home, you have to go back through the check in process basically and it can be distracting and bit of a hassle. Use the bathroom and drink plenty of water and eat something all within an hour before your exam start time. Try not to interrupt yourself with a break if you don’t need it.
TIP 12: Dust off your nunchucks and study sword (aka your best mind) and lets slice threw some material and have fun doing it! Because remember… this knowledge is not just going to help you for your ARE exam but also for your long career as an Architect !