Outside Study Resources

It is advised to use several different resources and formats when studying for these 6 Architect exams. Based on personal experience and asking other architects who have passed and become licensed, these are resources that our friend Billy would recommend as primary study material taking into account overall cost and actual material relating to what you may see in the exams
◦ IBC (International Building Code) 2021:
If you are not familiar with navigating the IBC online pages and these chapters, it would help to become more familiar. The language can sometimes be quite difficult to interpret. It is organized by Chapter and then goes into Sections and subsections basically. Chapter 5 contains many of the important Tables that you may use when it comes to Occupancy Classifications, Types of Construction, max Areas in sq ft and max building heights in feet. New version every 3 years, so the next IBC version will by IBC 2024.
This website is an excellent place to look up UL approved wall assemblies, floor assemblies and roof assemblies. It is also an excellent source for high quality details or quick detail referencing. Worth checking out for sure if you haven’t before.
This platform is great because it also has 1-2 full Practice Tests and 1-2 Case Study quizzes per exam that you can supplement your Ninja Cards with. Get this for the full Practice Tests if nothing else, says Billy. The practice test layout is similar to what the real exam will be like, but it is not identical and you can’t use the same calculator or whiteboard.
Cost is a reasonable monthly subscription, ranging from $40 – $50/month that automatically renews.
Billy found this platform to be especially helpful for Practice Management, Project Management and Construction & Evaluation divisions.
If you like handwriting and highlighting notes, Billy says he would definitely recommend this book as additional study material, if you can afford it. It is a very large softcover textbook (around 500 pages) with all 6 ARE exam sections included.
This book is well written and has some details, tables and drawings that are not present or available on the ppi platform.
Billy found this book to be especially helpful with the Project Development & Documentation division and Project Planning & Design Division.

This textbook is currently on Amazon for just over $200.00 new

AIA Website for A, B, C and G Series agreements/documents:

Billy says this is a great resource for AIA contracts/agreements, right from the source. You can quickly scroll through the primary contracts and get a quick 1 paragraph synopsis of each. This is helpful, however you cannot access the full contract without purchasing each contract.
One thing you could do however, if you work at an architecture firm, is ask your boss for copies of the major contracts in the exams, A101, A201, B101 (he/she will likely be impressed… or worried) and read through them for some fun reading on a Friday night.