ARE STUDY NINJA was created for one purpose…. to help you NINJA your way through all 6 ARE exams within 1 year! Totally serious. If your wallet can afford it, we suggest that you take all 6 exams within a 365 day time frame

The reason for this ambitious yet very possible NINJA goal is Twofold:

1. Because many of the tests tend to overlap a significant amount of study material and you don’t want to lose the knowledge you have gained.
2.   Because once you get used to the format of the testing experience, (navigating the often tricky calculator, whiteboard, case study document scrolling combo all without a second monitor) it is much easier to continue that momentum forward.

Within the confines of this NINJA combat center, we intend to help you get to where you need to be prior to taking each of the 6 ARE Architectural Review Exams. No matter what, these tests will be difficult, but our core set of Online Ninja Study Material below as well as our Unique Ninja Study Tips will help get you ready for battle with each exam.

We have great study material, however we do suggest that you use several completely different outside study resources in order to expand your knowledge from several different sources.

Disclaimer: ARE Study Ninja is in no way affiliated with NCARB, PSI, PPI or AIA